Shooting in Antequera: 7 injured and 4 arrested

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Antequera shooting

In broad daylight, Antequera, a city in the heart of Andalucia, was shocked by a shooting. This resulted in seven injuries, some seriously. Local police have arrested four people in connection with the violent incident.

The shooting took place on Monday afternoon around 2.26 pm in an apartment complex on Avenida de la Estación, Antequera.  Reportedly, it resulted from a dispute between two families. After an initial brawl, which started around noon, the situation escalated when one of the people involved pulled out a firearm and opened fire. Police and medical services were quickly on the scene after the first emergency calls, which came in around 1.45 pm. Bystanders and residents witnessed the chaos, and some captured the shots and aftermath on video.

Hospital under high voltage

Six victims were taken to the local hospital in Antequera, while a seventh, a woman in critical condition, was taken to the regional hospital in Málaga. Upon her arrival, as with the other injured, the police were present to prevent further incidents between the families and to ensure safety.

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The police have cordoned off the area and set up a large security apparatus. The background to these tragic events is still being investigated further. However, the conflict appears to be rooted in long-standing disagreement between two local families. The matter is still being investigated further.

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