Severe drought: Andalucia prepares ports for the arrival of ships full of water

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SEVILLE – To cope with the severe drought, the President of the Junta de Andalucía has announced that he is preparing the region’s ports to receive ships that can carry up to 100,000 cubic metres of water.

This announcement was made by Juanma Moreno during the debate on the state of the region in the Andalucian Parliament. Moreno indicated that the government of Andalucia will adopt a fourth decree next Tuesday, December 5, with measures to tackle the drought. These measures are intended as short-term solutions to the problem. “We must be prepared if the rain does not materialise,” he emphasised.

Planned actions include installing connections for water treatment stations close to Andalucian ports, to facilitate the supply and unloading of drinking water should the drought worsen.

Deployment of portable desalination plants

Moreover, the Junta de Andalucía will install portable desalination plants in Marbella and Axarquía. These two areas are particularly hard hit by drought and reservoir drains. Furthermore, work is underway to improve water treatment plants. The objective is to implement so-called tertiary treatment cycles to obtain fully purified water.

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Water extraction from inactive sources

Another part of the strategy is to restore and activate pre-existing, but currently unused, wells. The installation of floating intake points is also planned. This will allow water extraction at low levels in the La Viñuela and Guadarranque reservoirs.

The concern for water

The drought issue was an important part of President Moreno’s speech. In addition to the waiting lists in healthcare, it is one of the issues that he says “keeps awake”. Given the severity of the situation, he stressed that “we continue to act with vigour and courage to combat the drought.” “No government has done so much on water,” he added.

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