Seizure of nearly 200k of cocaine from the submerged hull of a ship

by Lorraine Williamson
cocaine seized

GRAN CANARIA – In a collaborative operation between the Guardia Civil and the Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency, a total of 182 packages containing 198.35 kilograms of cocaine have been confiscated.

These illicit packages were concealed within the cooling systems of a ship’s hull at the Port of La Luz.

Ship identified

The investigation was initiated within the framework of analysing vessels engaged in docking or anchoring activities along the Brazilian coast. Following the study of several ships that had performed these tasks at specific ports in Brazil and subsequently sailed to the Port of La Luz in Gran Canaria, police identified a ship under the flag of Liberia that corresponded with the gathered information.

Once the vessel was located, agents from the Specialist Underwater Activities Group (GEAS) of the Guardia Civil Command in Las Palmas, supported by a vessel from the Customs Surveillance Service, conducted an inspection. During this operation, seven bags were discovered hidden within the aspiration systems, secured with ropes and counterweights.


From within these bags, a total of 182 packages were extracted and transported to the port for counting and processing. Furthermore, the combined weight of these packages was determined to be 198.35 kilograms of cocaine.

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Second Seizure This Year

This marks the second seizure of such nature in 2023. In January of this year, two packages were intercepted using the same modus operandi. These contained 30 bricks of cocaine, amounting to 42.45 kilograms.

All necessary legal proceedings have been handed over to the Investigative Courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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