Scams this week

by Lorraine Williamson
scams this week

There are always scams going around, but, this week, La Policia Nacional have highlighted a few. One of our editors has also been the potential victim this week.

The first of the scams this week, is supposedly from Decathlon informing you that you have the chance to win a brand new VanMoof S3 bike because of your loyalty.


They simply ask you to click on the link to confirm. Unfortunately, this is not true. Decathlon would never contact you by email in this way. They only want to get your personal information.

If you receive this, simply ignore, and delete. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS.

Pornographic material online

The next scam this week is pretending to be from the Police. They say they are taking action against you for online porn and peodofilia. And furthermore, that they have collected evidence of sexual conversations with children under 16. The police would never contact you on this subject via email. Always check the official source.  Check the email address it is being sent from.


This next one also appears to be from the police. It informs you that there is a denuncia out against you and gives you 72 hours to respond otherwise you will be added to the most wanted list, and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. They obviously want you to panic and click on the link that they provide.

Cogesa Expats

Fourth booster dose

The next one is designed to alarm you, and for you to take note. They are supposedly calling from the Ministry of Health regarding the fourth booster dose. They will give you lots of information. Then they ask you to give them a code that they send you by SMS. Do not respond to the code. This is how they can hack your information.

Sex crimes

Like the one above from La Policia Nacional where you may receive an email saying you have been found guilty of of sex crimes online. However, this time, the email is supposed to be from the Guardia Civil. Even though it appears to have the official stamp, and correct signatures, it is a scam.

The Guardia Civil advise If you are accused of a crime you will not find out for a by email. They advise you to send this fraudulent message directly to the bin. And while you’re at it block the sender so that they leave you alone.

SEUR delivery charge

The last this week, was a text message received by one of our editors supposedly from SEUR. It came from mobile number 647694102. Furthermore, it advised they have attempted to deliver a package, but there needs to be a payment of 2,99€. It then gives a link to click on so you can pay. Do not click on the link. It is a scam.

If you have been a victim or attempted victim of a scam we have not yet highlighted, please let us know.

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