Road traffic fatalities in November: A detailed overview from DGT

by Lorraine Williamson
November fatalities

In the month of November, 97 lives were tragically lost in 92 fatal traffic accidents, according to the latest press release from the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), Spain.

The DGT report provides a comprehensive analysis of the road safety situation, revealing both concerning trends and areas of improvement.

Key highlights

1. Decrease in mobility: Despite a 1.1% decrease in overall mobility compared to November of the previous year, the number of fatal accidents and casualties has not seen a proportional reduction.

2. Vulnerable groups: Motorcyclists remain the most vulnerable, contributing significantly to the rise in accidents with 24 fatalities. Additionally, 10 out of the 17 pedestrian fatalities occurred on motorways or expressways.

3. Yearly comparison: For the year 2023 up to November 30, there have been 1,036 fatalities, marking a slight improvement of 9 fewer deaths compared to the same period in 2022.

4. Regional disparities: While the overall national trend shows a marginal decrease, regional differences are apparent. The Basque Country experienced an increase in fatalities, whereas Castilla y León and Catalonia witnessed a decline.

5. Daily analysis: November 18 recorded the highest number of casualties, with 10 fatalities, while November 1 stood out as the only day with zero reported deaths.

Detailed analysis

1. Road types: The data indicates an increase in fatalities on conventional roads compared to the same month in the previous year. Notably, pedestrian fatalities due to collisions rose, with 15 deaths. That´s 5 more than in November 2022.

2. Causes of fatalities: While fatalities from vehicles leaving the road or colliding laterally decreased, it was not sufficient, given that 31 individuals lost their lives due to vehicles leaving the road, and 8 in lateral or frontolateral collisions.

3. Mode of transportation: Motorcyclists and pedestrians showed an increase in fatalities, with 24 motorcyclists losing their lives, 7 more than in November 2022. Conventional roads proved to be the most perilous for motorcyclists, with 21 of the 24 fatalities occurring on these roads. Additionally, 10 out of 17 pedestrians lost their lives on motorways or expressways.

4. Safety measures: Eight fatalities did not use any safety systems at the time of the accidents. Of these, seven were car occupants, and one, a cyclist, did not wear a helmet.

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