Revolt in luxury district of Estepona against chairman of the VvE: with salary higher than that of minister

by Lorraine Williamson
Estepona chairman

The members of the VvE  in Torre Bermeja, a municipality in Estepona (Málaga), have taken their chairman to court. The salary that the man has appropriated from the community budget amounts to no less than €86,700 gross per year.  

The president confirmed the amount of his merit to the Spanish news site EL ESPAÑOL. For this salary, the man did the management of the common areas of the 109 luxury homes.  

The members of the VvE have hired a lawyer. He has brought the situation of the excessive salary to court. 

Estepona Chairman Also Gave Himself Christmas Bonus 

In addition to the generous salary, the man also awarded himself a Christmas bonus. He did not have to pay the community fees, which amount to around €6,000 euros annually. 

This is how the HOA chairman proceeded 

On June 29, this VvE held its annual General Meeting. On the agenda of the meeting, among other matters of interest to the members, was the approval of the budgets for the financial year of the year. So far so good. 

The problem arose when some owners discovered that within the framework of the budget chapter, it was proposed to allocate a salary of €86,724 to the chairman. In addition, the chairman’s proposal was to waive his community fees. 

The interested party signed both agreements himself. As has often happens, the President was able to push through these proposals. Many owners from abroad had delegated their votes to him. As a result, they voted in favour of the two initiatives. The approval eventually led to dissatisfaction among the homeowners. They have now enlisted the help of the judiciary to challenge and annul the agreement.  

Salary higher than that of minister 

The  salary of €86,700 gross per year  is higher than that of the second vice-president of the government, Yolanda Díaz, who receives a basic salary of €84,600; more than a minister (€79,415 per year) and €600 less than the president of the Junta de Andalucía.  

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