Residents demonstrate against a new quartz mine in Segovia

by Lorraine Williamson
quartz mine

SEGOVIA – Residents of six municipalities in Segovia, Spain, have come together to protest against a proposed quartz mine that could cover more than 1,600 hectares of land. The mine, proposed by mining company Minera de Órganos, has been met with strong opposition from locals who fear its impact on the environment and their livelihoods. 

The protest, which took place on Wednesday, marks the first public display of opposition to the proposed mine. Demonstrators gathered in the town of Coca, where they marched through the streets holding signs and chanting slogans. Many of them wore masks and carried banners calling for the mine to be stopped. 

Devastating impact 

Protesters say the mine would have a devastating impact on the environment and the local economy. The area around the proposed mine is home to a wide range of wildlife, including several endangered species. Residents fear that the mine would destroy their natural habitat and pollute their water sources. 

They also say that the mine would harm their livelihoods by taking away valuable land that is used for agriculture and forestry. Many locals rely on these industries for their income, and they fear that the mine would lead to job losses and economic hardship. 

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The proposed mine has been a source of controversy since it was first announced. Environmental groups have raised concerns about the potential impact on the environment, while local politicians have called for the project to be stopped. 

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Mining company says the mine is a boost for the local economy 

Despite the opposition, Minera de Órganos has continued to push forward with the project. The company has said that the mine would create jobs and boost the local economy. They have also argued that they will take steps to minimise the environmental impact of the mine. 

However, protesters say that these promises are not enough. They argue that the potential damage to the environment and the local economy outweigh any potential benefits. They are calling on the government to step in and stop the mine from being built. 

Widespread support 

The protest has received widespread support from environmental groups and politicians across Spain. Many have praised the residents of Segovia for taking a stand against the proposed mine and fighting to protect their communities and their environment. 

The protest is just the latest example of growing opposition to mining projects around the world. As concerns about the environment and climate change continue to grow, many people are questioning the wisdom of extracting natural resources at any cost. 

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