Remarkable in Spain: lynx walks through the village centre

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This weekend, an Iberian lynx was spotted in the streets of Munera, a town in the province of Albacete. Passers-by looked on in amazement as the rare animal walked around quietly.

An local resident alerted local police, who escorted the animal to its natural habitat. There it finally disappeared from view. It is reportedly a young female, approximately one year old. Furthermore, the animal may have come from the province of Ciudad Real, given its proximity to a lynx colony there.

Looking for food

Experts attribute its presence in the Albacete region to the search for food. The area around Munera is known for its abundance of rabbits, an important food source for lynx. The animal is not wearing a collar and authorities are working to remove it from urban areas to prevent any dangers.

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With caution

The municipality asks the population in the region to be careful. Motorists in particular should pay attention. You are also requested to remove traps or clamps that could harm the animal. The municipal council of Munera has even appealed on social media to protect this lynx from potentially fatal traps. Currently, experts estimate that more than 500 Iberian lynx live in Castilla-La Mancha.

Lynx killed

Unfortunately, a tragic incident involving a lynx occurred earlier elsewhere in Munera. It concerned a female animal, called ‘Lúa’, which had previously been released in the province of Ciudad Real. She was hit on the N-463, in Munera in the province of Albacete. This underlines the importance of caution and awareness in protecting this endangered species.

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