Region of Valencia and Costa Blanca after the State of Alert

by Lorraine Williamson
Valencia and Costa Blanca

VALENCIA – The region of Valencia has determined the restrictions to contain the spread of coronavirus after the State of Alert ends on Sunday 9 May. 

The risk of Covid-19 expansion in the Valencia region is very low as the region has the lowest accumulated incidence in Spain with only 40 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. However, despite this fact, the government of Ximo Puig opts for a ‘cautious and gradual’ de-escalation . 

The post-alert restrictions taken affecting fundamental rights have been approved under the 1986 Public Health Act. They also have the approval of the Valencian Regional Supreme Court. 

Entry and exit ban in the region of Valencia will end 

The perimeter closure of Comunidad Valenciana will be lifted on Sunday 9 May at 00:00 (the night from 8-9 May). This measure has been in force since the end of October and the regional government decided not to renew it. Therefore, everyone can now enter or leave the region whenever he or she wants to. 

Cogesa Expats


The restrictions on nocturnal mobility remain, but with changes. From May 9, the curfew will remain in effect from midnight to 6 am. Exceptions to this are for work or health reasons, as was previously the case.  

Social gatherings 

The restriction on meetings of family and friends is still in place. However, it will be extended from 6 to 10 people able to meet in either public or private spheres. 

Cultural gatherings or events will have to a capacity limitation from 9 May. As a result, a maximum of 75% of normal maximum capacity is permitted. Another meeting will follow on Saturday where a decision will be taken on opening hours and capacity restrictions for catering and commerce. 

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