Rain in parts of Spain during the ´Puente de Diciembre´

by Lorraine Williamson
rain during puente de diciembre

MADRID – The coming week is the week of the Puente de Diciembre in Spain. With two national holidays on Tuesday and Thursday, many Spaniards are taking time off to go out. However, the weather forecast may be disappointing for them. 

A lot of rain is predicted for the coming week due to successive Atlantic fronts that will move across the country. They replace the cold that dominated this first weekend of December. From Monday the 5th, it will rain in areas that could use some extra precipitation, such as western Andalucia, northern Extremadura and southern Castilla y León. According to Aemet’s forecast, rain may be locally strong or persistent. 

The rains are moving from the western half of the peninsula to the central part, while in the north and east it is less likely to rain as early as Monday, eltiempo.es reports. It will also rain in the Canary Islands, although showers will be weaker and more scattered there, while strong winds will blow across the archipelago. 

Puente de Diciembre

The arrival of rain on the peninsula will be accompanied by milder temperatures from Monday, December 4, said Ruben del Campo, spokesman for Aemet. “Temperatures will rise with the arrival of warmer winds.” For this reason, the frost will be weaker and mainly confined to mountain areas. In parts of Andalucia, the maximum temperature in the afternoon can be around 20ºC. 

Dia de la Constitution 

On Tuesday, Constitution Day, the rain will once again be present in much of the peninsula. The Atlantic storm will move from west to east over the whole territory and will decrease in strength in the west in the last hours of the day. At the same time, temperatures are rising, especially at night, Aemet said. 

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From Wednesday, December 7, there may be a shower in the morning, but another storm will move into the west during the afternoon. It can cause rain by nightfall in the west of Castilla y León, Andalucia and Castilla-La Mancha. Possibly also at points in Extremadura or the Madrid region.  

More uncertainty from Wednesday 

Uncertainty will increase from the middle of the week. Meteorologists from Meteored point out that new violent storms can be expected soon, but nothing can be said for sure at this time. Aemet agrees. 

According to the spokesman, the meteorological uncertainty is due to an “uncertain atmospheric configuration” for the remaining days of the week, hat no concrete forecast can be made. 


At this time, before Thursday 8, the day of the Immaculate Conception (Inmaculada Concepción de María), another storm may pass over the peninsula causing widespread rainfall. It is more likely to be in the centre, south, and east of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. 

Two scenarios 

For this festive day, Aemet sees two scenarios: one similar to Wednesday’s situation, with the snow confined to mountainous areas. The other scenario shows a clear drop in temperature with possible snowfall also in lower areas. 

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