Pay gap between genders will not disappear until 2064

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Spanish gender pay gap likely to remain until 2064

Women in Spain receive an average of €5,762 less per year in their account compared to male colleagues. According to calculations by Spanish trade untions, the gender pay gap will not disappear until 2064.  

The pay gap has been a problem in Spain for years. The government announced measures to create more equality in the workplace, yet the difference between the salary of men and women has decreased by less than half a percent in a year. The Spanish statistical office (INE) says the average annual salary of men is €26,738. That of women is more than €5,700 euros lower for the same work at an average of €21,012 per year. 

Spanish trade unions forecast pay gap to remain for some time

According to calculations by the Spanish trade union UGT, the existing pay gap will not disappear until 2064. The most recent report was published on February 22, on Equal Pay Day in Spain. Although the unions use different calculation methods to show the difference between the salary for men and women, the conclusion of each union is almost the same.

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No new causes 

Trade union CCOO reports that the Spanish labour market is largely organised on the basis of male criteria. The market does not take into account combining work and care for children. 25% of working women work 40 hours or less per week, while that percentage is 7% percent for men – helping to widen the gap. Women are also more likely to be at a disadvantage when it comes to getting a contract for an indefinite period, the CCOO reports.

Spanish government intends to narrow the pay gap

Last Tuesday, after the Council of Ministers, the Spanish government announced it will make even more efforts to improve wages for women and thus combat the pay gap. Currently, this only concerns a declaration of intent from the Spanish government whereby companies must provide data on the salary of their employees per gender.

Trade unions, however, argue for far-reaching measures and propose to criminalise the non-offering of permanent contracts for no apparent reason. Other unions commit to making childcare more accessible and better organising informal care. This will help employees not put their careers on hold when someone in their personal vicinity needs care.


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