One more “most wanted” arrested

by Lorraine Williamson
One of the UK´s most wanted has been arrested

One more of the UK´s “most wanted” thought to be living in Spain, has been arrested in Lisbon according to Sky news.

Crimestoppers recently launched a campaign of the 12 “most wanted” UK criminals presumed to live in Spain.  However, almost immediately, 2 of the “most wanted” were arrested. Consequently, another criminal, Alex Male was added to the list. Therefore, this brought the number of wanted men up to 11. 

Alex Male

Male was thought to have gone on the run to Marbella in January of this year. The 29-year-old with alledged crimes originating in the southwest of England was on the wanted list for trafficking cocaine and ketamine, money laundering, and conspiring to acquire a firearm. Furthermore, he is alleged to be a regional distributor of drugs across this part of the UK, buying and selling drugs and managing other distributors who operated under his instruction using the EncroChat encrypted communications network.

Fake passport

Male was stopped at Lisbon airport after returning from Turkey where he had been refused entry. This enabled the Portuguese police to act on information received from the Turkish border authorities. Therefore, he will now be extradited to the UK to face the charges he fled from in January.

Ten remaining

However, there are still 10 criminals remaining on the UK´s “most wanted” list thought to be in Spain. Full details of these men can be found in our previous article.

Anyone with information about any of the men is asked to call Crimestoppers. This can be done anonymously on 0800 555 111 (from the UK), or on the Spanish freephone number 900 926 111.  

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