No more quarantine for double vaccinated English

by Lorraine Williamson
Fully vaccinated no need for amber quarantine

LONDON – At Westminster today, Grant Shapps announced changes to quarantine rules for those fully vaccinated in England. Both Scotland and Wales have said they will consider whether to follow this latest change in rules.

Shapps began by saying “he did not underestimate how difficult it has been for everyone not to be able to travel or visit families. And how difficult it has been for the travel and tourism sector and aviation industry”.

Over-riding priority

He continued “However, protecting health has always been and will continue to be our over-riding priority of this government”.

Due to the increasing numbers of those vaccinated in the UK, the government wants the public to start the process of accepting that we must live with coronavirus and get on with our lives.

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Fully vaccinated

Shapps confirmed that from 19th July, UK residents who have been fully vaccinated the UK vaccine roll out, will no longer have to self-isolate when they return to England. However, to ensure they are negative, it will still be required to take a test three days prior to the journey home. Additionally, a PCR test will be necessary on or before day two of their return. The traveller must pay for the tests.

Green and amber listed countries

The day eight test will not need to be carried out. Therefore, the coronavirus travel restrictions for green and amber listed countries are the same for those that have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to the date of travel.

Currently the Balearic Islands are on the green list with the rest of Spain including the Canary Islands on amber. However, an amber country could still turn red, which would meaning a hotel quarantine would be required.

Cases continue to rise

Despite the successful vaccine rollouts, case numbers have been rising both countries. The UK reported 32,548 new cases yesterday July 7 with 33 deaths.  And Spain recorded 17,384 new cases with 17 deaths.

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