New hip attraction for tourists on the beaches of Mallorca

by Lorraine Williamson
Mallorca beaches with new pedal activity

MALLORCA – A full holiday on the beach is great, but sometimes you want to do something other than lie in the sun or swim. Some beaches in Mallorca are responding to that need with a new eco-friendly and cool attraction. 

We all know pedal boats, but the pedal boat 2.0 is making its appearance in Mallorca. Unlike jet skis, these bikes are electric, which makes them more environmentally friendly and also produces less noise. They can now be seen in the waters of Cala d’Or, Muro, s’Arenal and Cala Gamba. 

Attraction for anyone who can swim and cycle 

“It’s simple because anyone who can swim and cycle can use them,” Samuel González, commercial director of Salty Cycling in the Balearic Islands, told Diario de Mallorca. They are one of the companies that offer these vehicles on the beaches of Mallorca. Moreover, another requirement is that users must be adults. 

Cogesa Expats

González goes on to explain that these pedal boats are similar to those used in a spinning class. They also have the option to pedal instead of using the motor. If users feel their muscles are fatigued, they can always reduce the resistance. The maximum speed that the electric pedal boats can reach is nine knots. That is roughly equivalent to 20 km/h. 

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