New date for major anti-tourism demonstration in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera

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anti-tourism demonstration planned

The situation for residents in Mallorca is becoming increasingly dire. Inaccessible housing, low-paid jobs in tourism, beaches where there is only room for expensive sunbeds and blocked access roads. More and more groups and organisations representing residents and entrepreneurs on the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera are protesting against this and are planning a new anti-tourism manifestation.

Following the success of the previous demonstration on May 25 against overtourism, they are planning another demonstration on July 21. They are therefore demanding measures from the regional government to combat the excesses of over-tourism. The negative impact of mass tourism on the local population and the environment is becoming too great. The natural balance of the islands is being disturbed and is putting serious pressure on the locomotive infrastructure. The initiators of the protest are calling for policy changes to better regulate the flow of tourists and promote sustainable tourism practices.

Expected attendance

The demonstrations are expected to attract many participants, including many residents of the islands, environmentalists and sympathisers from outside the islands. The final date of the protest was voted on last Thursday in Manacor. The demonstration is organised by the Menys Turisme, Més Vida (less tourism, more life) platform. This also works together with a broad network of local collectives.

Margalida Ramis, spokesperson for the organising committee, announced in Diario de Mallorca that preparations are in full swing and that there is contact with the various island groups to coordinate the mobilisation.

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Five main aspects of the anti-tourism mobilisation

The platform develops the actions based on five main lines:

  • They want a major mobilisation on the streets on all islands
  • Specific areas will be occupied
  • More complex and risky actions may follow, such as paralysing the airport
  • The platform comes up with policy proposals, supported by legal advisors and involved organisations.
  • Proposals on spreading the news about the mobilisations

Housing drama

Platform spokesperson Margalida Ramis calls the housing drama a powerful thread: “This concerns us all. We must also take into account the way in which workers in the tourism sector work, we also mobilise for them,” she adds. That is why the platform also wants to involve trade unions in the mobilisations. This refers to the impossible situation for many employees in the tourism sector on the islands. With their low salaries it is impossible to rent a house or even a room. That is why many are forced to stay in cars or tents.

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