Mark Zuckerberg shows off new superyacht in Mallorca

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launchpad Mark Zuckerberg

Amid news reports about how the Balearic Islands are almost collapsing under the masses of tourists who paralyse local life here and there, it appears that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of META Facebook, will show off his mega yacht in Mallorca.

The fourth richest person in the world is not the first celebrity to visit the island. The island has long been a magnet for celebrities. Previously, the honour went to the Jenner sisters who were spotted enjoying the beauty of the Balearic Islands. Zuckerberg arrived on his new superyacht, the “Launchpad”.

This is an impressive superyacht with a value of no less than $300 million. The yacht was previously owned by a sanctioned Russian oligarch involved in the production of weapons for the war in Ukraine. Due to the sanctions, the oligarch sold his property in the Netherlands, with the proceeds kept in a safe deposit box until the sanctions are lifted. In addition to the “Launchpad,” Zuckerberg has also purchased a second yacht, named “Wingman.” This smaller yacht of 67 metres acts as a support vessel for the “Launchpad”.

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Background of the purchase

The background to Zuckerberg’s purchase of these superyachts is not very common. The yachts were built in the Netherlands. There, specific regulations apply that allow sanctioned individuals to sell their properties to non-sanctioned buyers. Although the Russian oligarch has sold his yacht, he will only receive the proceeds after sanctions are lifted. This ensures that he cannot access the money in the meantime.

Arrival in Mallorca

The superyacht “Launchpad” arrived in Mallorca last Friday. Although it is still unclear whether Zuckerberg himself was on board, the yacht is docked next to some other famous superyachts, such as Prince Khaled bin Sultan al Saud’s “Golden Odyssey” and the “Rising Sun”, the yacht on which the Jenner sisters explored the Mediterranean. Sisters Kylie and Kendall are best known for their famous family and their participation in the reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

The Launchpad is now located among some of the most luxurious and impressive yachts in the world. This once again emphasises how popular Mallorca is among the super rich.


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