Gran Canaria wants urgent redistribution of underage migrants

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underage migrants

Antonio Morales, the president of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, has made an urgent appeal to the Spanish government and other autonomous regions for a rapid and solidarity-based redistribution of minor migrants to the mainland.

Morales emphasises the need for immediate action. He wants to prevent young adult migrants being stuck on the island after the age of 18 with no prospects.


This call follows tragic incidents in which two young migrants were injured in Telde. It also highlights the worrying overcrowding in reception centres in the Canary Islands. Gran Canaria is currently home to more than 3,500 underage migrants, making up more than 50% of the archipelago’s total. Morales points out the untenable situation and criticises the lack of adequate reception facilities and resources for these young people.

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Pressure on the government

Morales calls on the Spanish government to accelerate legislative changes. He insists that the autonomous regions, most of which are governed by the PP, end their blockade and take their responsibility by absorbing migrants according to their population numbers and available resources.

Care for young adults

The president emphasises the need for better guidance and integration programs for young adult migrants to prevent them from ending up on the street after the age of 18 without resources and prospects. He calls for greater efforts from both the Canary Islands and the national government to provide these young people with the necessary support. Morales also expressed deep sadness over the unknown but significant number of people who have recently died in the waters around the Canary Islands, underscoring the severity of the migration crisis.

In the Canary Islands, especially on the largest island of Gran Canaria, there has been a significant increase in underage migrants travelling alone. More migrants arrived in January than in the entire first half of 2023. These young people can go to special reception centres, but they are becoming full.

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