Need professional assistance in Spain on safe investing?

by Lorraine Williamson
Hugo investing

MARBELLA – In today’s world, it’s important to be self-sufficient when it comes to your finances. Changing interest rates, inflation and pension reforms make it increasingly difficult to know how to plan for your financial future. 


One way is to invest in different products and instruments, spread your money and build a portfolio that suits you. But how do you know if you are not taking too many risks investing in the stock market yourself?

Where can you find the best stocks and best trackers? Do you ever doubt when is the best time for you to buy or sell? Would you prefer an experienced investor to invest for you? Do you want to know whether the spread in your portfolio is sufficient?

Hugo Investing’s experienced brokers are ready to help you with these questions and make smart choices. Whether it concerns bonds, shares, ETFs, options, futures, CFDs, mutual funds, managed portfolios, or sustainable investing. 

Who is Hugo? 

Hugo Investing has an experienced and dedicated team with a passion for investing. Hugo is the former BinckBank Spain team. BinckBank was acquired by Saxo Bank at the end of 2021. This bank is the undisputed market leader for online investing in the Netherlands.

For sixteen years, the team has helped hundreds of investors in Spain. Successively as Alex Spain, as BinckBank Spain, as Saxo Bank Spain and now under the name Hugo Investing. Hugo’s mission is to help you on your investment journey. Whether you are an experienced investor or a novice, there is always room for improvement. Hugo is based in Marbella but offers full support around the world. 

Best broker experts 

Hugo’s team consists of real investors with a combined experience of over 60 years in investing and advising investors. They largely gained that experience at BinckBank. The team has therefore made a major contribution to BinckBank’s success in recent years and has received various awards for excellent services. This includes the Cashcow Awards and Best Online Asset Manager for excellent customer service.

Lastly, the independent research by IEX and Netprofiler found that BinckBank had the best broker experts. Those broker experts are now ready for you!

Hugo investing

What does Hugo Investing offer? 

At Hugo, you will have the opportunity to buy more than 50,000 financial products in your language via the Saxo Bank Online Trading Platform. This can be carried out by yourself or with the help of Hugo’s experienced investors. All of Hugo’s investment experts provide qualified services and are aware of all laws and regulations in investment banking.

Hugo’s platform Trader is a fully mobile and tablet-friendly trading application and can be accessed from both desktop and mobile phones. Based on your experience as an investor and your investment goals, you can choose the Investor, TraderGO and TraderPRO tools. 

Cogesa Expats

Academy for Investors 

Utilising the expertise built up over many years and the hundreds of satisfied customers who have already made use of all that knowledge and experience, Hugo has also set up an online education platform with courses at different levels. Both novice and experienced investors can go here. The platform is in English and is fully available to anyone who wishes to learn how to invest at different levels. Investors can follow an investor course from this ‘Academy for Investors‘ at any time that suits their current situation.

In this way, they benefit from the total of 3,850 hours spent on the creation of the courses to be followed. After all, you invest to make money. Therefore, why not increase your chances by using Hugo’s experience and expertise?

The vlog on YouTube 

Investors who like to stay informed about what is going on among investors and how macroeconomic developments influence what is hot and what is not, can follow the vlogs on Hugo’s YouTube channel. Every Friday, experienced investors Kaspar and Martin dive into the studio to record a brand-new episode full of inspiration and background about the stock market. 

Why is investing with Hugo a safe option? 

Via Hugo, you can easily and quickly open an online business account. Then you can safely invest or have your funds invested with peace of mind. Your investor account then runs with Saxo Bank, a Danish bank that is under the protection of the Danish financial regulator FSA. Saxo has a banking license, is not listed on the stock exchange, and does not offer mortgages or loans.

That makes the combination of Saxo Bank and Hugo’s unlimited expert support a safe and secure choice to make money in the stock market. In addition, Hugo is a member of FOGAIN, the investor compensation scheme for entities providing investment services. This is supervised by CNMV, the Spanish securities markets regulator. 

What existing customers think 

Hugo always puts investors first. The team sees it as its mission to make investing as easy, transparent, safe, and profitable as possible and to let you determine your route. To achieve this, the investment experts listen to your plans and needs so that they know what you want.

That is why the opinions of all customers are very important to Hugo. Negative feedback is also always welcome, as this is the only way the team can continuously improve its service. However, the comments are mostly positive. That is why we quote here the testimonials of some investors who have become ‘ambassadors’ of Hugo: 

Hans Spliet:

I have known the team for more than 12 years now. Initially via Alex, then via Binck and now as Hugo. Previously I always invested through large, traditional banks, but the level of service cannot be compared! The team here with Kaspar, Martin, Taco and Femke is extremely professional and customer oriented. You notice that in everything. I must add that I don’t easily hand out compliments.” 

Bert Riemslag:

No one is a born investor. You must learn to invest and there is always something new to discover. That is why I always like to attend the seminars and events that Kaspar and his team have organised in recent years. Absolutely recommend.” 

Maria José Heredia Nieto:

We have been together for ten years now and I trust them completely. I feel at home in their office in Marbella. There is a nice, relaxed atmosphere as if we are a family.” 

Contact Hugo 

Would you like to experience this familiar, relaxed atmosphere for yourself, wherever you are in the world? Then make a personal appointment to discuss your options for making money on the stock exchange. If you are investing in Marbella or the surrounding area, you are welcome at the office. If you are located elsewhere, one of the Hugo investment experts will be happy to speak to you by telephone. You can make an appointment via this link.

If you are already convinced, you can also immediately open an investor account


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