More Dominican Don´t Play arrests in Madrid

by Lorraine Williamson
Dominican Don´t Play arrests

MADRID – Policia Nacional in Madrid dismantles the Alcobendas arm of the Dominican Don´t Play youth gang, and arrests 7 members.

Dominican Don´t Play (DDP) is a violent youth gang of high criminal intensity. Furthermore, they are very strictly organised, and disciplined in the way they carry out their criminal activities.

Gang members are welcomed or promoted within the organisation after carrying out certain acts dictated by the hierarchy. Allegedly, these acts usually involve selling and possession of weapons, drug trafficking, crimes against property (particularly violent robberies using intimidation and firearms), and crimes against individuals such as extortion, coercion, by injuring and using threats.

The gang is financed by the small scale sale of drugs, and by payment of mandatory fees of its members.

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Dominican Don´t Play Madrid arrests

Policia Nacional carried out searches on 4 properties in the Alcobendas area of Madrid. Two of the apartments were found to be used as “narco flats”. Furthermore, numerous gang symbols were found along with 2 guns, ammunition of various calibres, 3 machetes, knives, and some hashish and marijuana. Seven DDP gang members were arrested.

In 2017, this section of the DDP gang was involved in the murder of a young man during the San Augustín de Guadalix festival celebrations. At that time, 5 gang members were arrested.

Recent arrests

Police have made a number of successful Dominican Don´t Play arrests recently. Last month, another 7 DDP members were arrested in Fuerteventura. Prior to that, also in July, 3 more were arrested in Madrid in connection with the murder of a young man in Usera back in February.


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