Dominican Don´t Play youth gang arrests in Fuerteventura

by Lorraine Williamson
Dominican Don´t Play Fuerteventura

CANARY ISLANDS – More arrests of members of the Dominican Don´t Play (DDP) youth gang. This time, on the island of Fuerteventura.

The Guardia Civil has brought charges of two crimes of attempted homicide and two other crimes of causing injury with a knife. This occurred in nightlife venues in the north or the island where the youth gang, Dominican Don´t Play were operating in Fuerteventura.

7th person is a minor

A seventh person, also thought to be a member of the DDP gang was arrested. This time it was a minor. Meanwhile, the other six have already been sent to prison on remand with no option for bail. However, the minor was released following communication with the Juvenile Prosecutor´s Office.

According to the official Guardia Civil reports, during the last 3 months in the Corralejo area, which is in the north of the island, this criminal organisation carried out several physical attacks with knives.

Dominate and control

Typical of the structure of the organisation, they acted in nightlife places to dominate and control the area. To achieve this, they faced up against four victims who received several stab wounds with danger to their lives. Two of these assaults were considered by investigators to be attempted homicide.

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The investigation began in April after learning of the first of these attacks. The Guardia Civil realised the perpetrators of the stabbings did not act alone. They soon learned they had so in an organised manner to assert authority throughout the nightlife in the area.

Identified for the first time on Fuerteventura

Therefore, the police were able to identify that this was the same protocol of the Dominican Don´t Play youth gang. This was the first time they were found to be acting on Fuerteventura.

This violent gang chose their victims at random, and stabbed them in the back, justifying a supposed disagreement. To avoid being recognised after the attacks, the youths hid their weapons in their vehicles and changed their clothes.

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After the last attack that occurred in the early hours of July 17, the police had pin-pointed a place where the gang used to meet up as a group. Furthermore, on searching the premises, the police found symbols of the Dominican Don’t Play. They also seized handguns, ammunition, a simulated handgun, and various white weapons such as semi-automatic knives, knives, or manual nail punches, in addition to various computer equipment.

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