Million investment in synthetic fuel plant in Bilbao

by Lorraine Williamson
fuel plant in Bilbao

BILBAO – Repsol-Petronor and Saudi Aramco have received the green light for their joint investment of €103 million in the construction of the first synthetic fuel plant in the port of Bilbao. 

The project is a continuation of the industrial decarbonization plans presented by Repsol three years ago. Moreover, it is anticipated to become one of the largest plants in its category in the world. Furthermore, the project is expected to be operational in the second half of 2025. 

Synthetic fuel for any internal combustion engine vehicle 

The products that come out of this factory can be used in any vehicle with a combustion engine. This includes cars, aeroplanes, trucks or ships. It is also planned to integrate a 10 MW electrolyser in which Enagás and the Basque energy entity will also participate. 

Green hydrogen and CO2 as raw materials 

Repsol-Petronor explains that this synthetic fuel plant represents a technological challenge, producing renewable hydrogen from water through electrolysis. The oxygen and hydrogen particles are separated, using electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. Consequently, this makes the factory one of the world´s first to use green hydrogen and CO2 as the only raw materials. Furthermore, the plant’s initial capacity will be more than 2,100 tons per year or approximately 18,000 barrels. 

A big step towards sustainability 

This initiative is an important step towards sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions. By using green hydrogen and CO2 as the only raw materials, this will reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Moreover, it will pave the way for more sustainable energy sources. 

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