Major fire in the interior of the Costa Blanca still active

by Lorraine Williamson
Costa Blanca fire
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PROVINCIA DE ALICANTE – The fire that broke out on Saturday in Vall d’Ebo, in the interior of the Costa Blanca between Oliva and Dénia is still active. That is just 50km north of Benidorm. The fire has already destroyed 6,500 hectares and 1,200 people have been evacuated as a precaution. 

In addition, two other fires are active in the Valencia region. These are in Les Useres and Calles north of the city of Valencia. The air resources have been activated again from sunrise to cooperate in fighting the fire. 

In the Vall d’Ebo (Alicante), about a hundred new evictions had to be organised in villages in the area. This was during the night from this Sunday to Monday. This is reported by the 112 emergency coordination centres of Valencia. 

The flames have already burned more than 3,500 hectares in the first hours, approaching homes in Adsubia last morning. Ten houses in Castell de Castells also had to be evacuated. During the night, the Guardia Civil helped to evacuate another 70 homes. 

The fire has evacuated nearly a thousand people from the Pego area and populated areas of Alcalà de la Jovada, Benirrama and Beniali. A total of 47 people, including 11 minors, spent the night in the temporary shelter in Pego. They were accompanied by specialists from the Red Cross. 

Fire in Les Useres 

Meanwhile, the flames in Les Useres, in Castellón, have burned about 350 hectares, as reported Monday by sources of the Generalitat Emergencies. Seven air resources were mobilised early this morning and two more were expected to be added by 9.30 am, according to sources. 

Calles fire

In Calles, the fire has stabilised, as reported by the coordination centre of the Valencian Community. That is why the intervention of air resources on Mondays is no longer necessary. 


Moncayo fire

Meanwhile, the operation in Zaragoza has managed to halt the advance of the forest fire toward the Moncayo Natural Park. This fire is still active but is developing favourably, having destroyed more than 6,000 hectares. It is expected that people will be able to return to their homes during the day. 

Despite the improvement of the situation, the general manager of the natural environment of Aragon, Diego Bayona, has warned that the fire that broke out this Saturday in Añón de Moncayo “is very complex. That makes it necessary to exercise caution”. 

Favourable weather forecast 

When the favourable weather forecasts come true, everyone will be relieved. The wind gusts are expected to decrease in strength and be much less intense, not exceeding 30 kilometres per hour. In total, about 1,500 people from eight municipalities (Añón de Moncayo, Alcalá de Moncayo, Vera del Moncayo, El Buste, Bulbuente, Ambel y Trasmoz and Talamanetes) had to leave their homes. The Misericordia de Borja sanctuary, the Vera del Moncayo campsite and the Cumbres del Moncayo de Añón urbanisation also had to be evacuated. 

Roads closed 

The N-122, in the section from kilometre point 64 (Borja) to kilometre 68 (Tarazona), has been reopened to traffic. While SO-382 from a kilometre 9.5 in Vozmediano (Soria) to 26.6 in Tarazona is still affected by the fire and is closed. Also, the Z-372; Z-373 and CV-003, CV-846, CV-607 and CV-610 are interrupted. 

Meanwhile, the fire that broke out Friday morning in the area of ​​La Pantoja de Jumilla, in Murcia, could be declared extinguished on Monday. 

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