Last week of summer starts with showers and thunderstorms

by Lorraine Williamson
showers and thunderstorms

WEATHER – The chance of showers and thunderstorms will determine the weather picture across much of inland Spain on Monday, with locally heavy showers in Extremadura and the southern half of Castilla y León. 

While code yellow has been activated for the coastal area in the Andalucian provinces of Almeria and Cadiz on Monday, Spanish weather service Aemet foresees showers in the Spanish interior and strong winds on the coast of Galicia. 

Chance of showers and thunderstorms

The day starts with occasional high clouds in the rest of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Some light rain may also fall in the Levante area, the Strait of Gibraltar and Melilla. During the day, clouds will develop in most of the rest of the interior of the peninsula. This will come with a chance of some showers or thunderstorms, although generally weak and localised. Intermittent clouds are forecast in the Canary Islands, with showers and thunderstorms on the islands with more relief, and somewhat less likely on the eastern islands. 

Daytime temperatures rise in the south-eastern part of the peninsula and fall in the south-west. However, nighttime temperatures rise in the northern half of the peninsula. 

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Winds come from different directions 

North-easterly winds are expected in Galicia, near the Cantabrian Sea, the southern half of the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands. In the Strait of Gibraltar, a moderate easterly wind blows in on the Galician coast, the easterly wind is intermittently strong. In the Empordà and Menorca, and the rest of the peninsula, winds are variable. 

Will there be another cold snap this winter?  

Whether Spain will experience another ‘Filomena’ this winter remains to be seen. The combination of polar turning winds and the ‘La Niña’ phenomenon seems to cause severe cold waves. 

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