Infoca report positive progress on the Jubrique fire

by Lorraine Williamson
Infoca smoke cloud information

ESTEPONA – Last night, the pyrocumulus (smoke cloud) that forced Infoca to remove their land firefighters was beginning to dissipate on the borders. And the fire that was causing it was weakening.

As a result, firefighters were at the ready to go in as soon as was safe to do so.

As pictured above from the Infoca tweet, the smoke cloud can cause a massive lightning storm within itself and potentially collapse. Sometimes that is a good thing as it can help put the fire out but other times it can make it spread quicker.

As there was not much wind last night, the firefighters hoped the night would be productive.


“For those who are asking: Why is the presence of a pyrocumulus in a fire so dangerous? Because it has the potential to generate its own meteorology with dangerous phenomena of high impact on the ground troops.”

Cogesa Expats

Work was therefore able to continue last night to battle the fire. However, it is still active but reports from Infoca state it is now contained. But that it is still very difficult to extinguish. Therefore, our brave firefighters face yet another difficult day. More than 500 firefighters and 39 aircraft are involved.

Active level 2

However, thankfully as tweeted this morning by Infoca, “On #IFJubrique [ACTIVE – LEVEL 2], conditions have been more favourable. And work has been done on its right flank, determining, and intervening in various areas of opportunity. This work will be complemented with the incorporation of the first of 17 aircraft”.

Footage from Infoca on Twitter @Plan_INFOCA

Another fire erupted last night just after 11 pm in the Marbella area. This was extinguished 4 hours later.


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