14-year-old girl attacked in serious condition after fall from second floor

by Lorraine Williamson
serious condition in hospital taken by air ambulance

GALICIA – A 14-year-old girl is in hospital in a serious condition after allegedly being attacked by a 13-year-old boy.

She was reportedly hit by a blow to the head and then fell from the second-floor home of the boy in the town of O Carballiño in Ourense.

Fell or pushed?

The Guardia Civil is investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.  Sources have stated the girl was hit with an object on her head. She then fell to the ground from the second-floor apartment. However, police are trying to establish whether she was running away and fell out, or whether she was pushed.

“What it felt like to kill a person”

The newspaper La Voz de Galicia reports the minor underwent a psychiatric examination and that he told the coroner that he wanted to know “what it felt like to kill a person.”

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112 alerted

The boy had alerted the emergency services just before 8.00 pm on Thursday by calling 112 to tell them he had “killed his friend”. 112 Galicia informed the Local Police, who then sent troops to the building.

Serious condition

As confirmed to Europa Press by 112, they immediately deployed patrols of the Local Police, along with a medical team from Urxencias Sanitarias de Galicia-061, plus a medicalised helicopter was also later mobilised to the scene. The girl was then taken in the helicopter to the Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Ourense (CHUO). She reportedly remains there in serious condition.

Due to the age of the boy, the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office takes over the case.

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