Emergency Services – Police, Fire, Ambulance – Part 1

by Lorraine Williamson
European emergency services number

If you live in Spain, on holiday or are thinking of moving here, it is important to know what number to call in the event of an emergency.

InSpain.News have put together a helpful guide as to the various emergency services available in Spain.

As in the UK, there are the main three emergency service. These are police (policia), fire brigade (bomberos) and ambulance (ambulancia). The main number to call for any of these services is 112. Likewise, this is the same number that is used throughout Europe. So if you happen to be on holiday, the same number will apply. When you call, you will be transferred to the relevant service.

Each emergency service does also have its own individual number or numbers, however, in an emergency, it is always easier to remember 112. Better still, save it to your phone. Also, you may actually require more than one service.

The Police

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As mentioned in our previous article, there are three different types of Police here in Spain;

  • Local Police (policia local) – they work in the local areas and deal with localised crime and security issues. They are like community police. They can also deal with local traffic offenses and minor accidents
  • National Police (policia nacional) – they have the largest remit and deal with issues such as organised crime, and security on a national scale
  • Civil Guard (guardia civil) – they are run by the military and patrol major roads and motorways and also in rural areas

The Spanish police also operate a service for tourists which allows foreigners to report crimes such as theft, violence, intimidation or burglary. They also have a number you can call. (0034) 902 10 21 12. This number is available 9am – 9pm Monday to Friday only. It is closed on weekends and holidays.

The Fire Brigade

In addition to fighting property fires and wild forest fires, the bomberos in Spain also conduct rescues and carry out safety inspection work. They also play a key role in the local communities, visit schools and make presentations around fire safety and prevention.

Ambulance and Hospital

If you require the services of an ambulance, you can call the main emergency number 112. However, in Spain, you can also visit the emergency department (urgencias) of your local hospital.

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