Immigrant camp in Huelva devastated by fire

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Immigrant camp fire in Lepe. Source: Twitter

A fire of unknown origin devastated an immigrant camp in the Huelva town of Lepe. No-one was hurt, but the occupants lost their accommodation and belongings.

An immigrant camp of around 60 shacks, built with three layers of pallets, cardboard and plastic from greenhouses, have been engulfed by the flames, sources from the Lepe Local Police confirmed to news media ABC. Their occupants were able to leave them in time, but they have been left without belongings and without accommodation.

Around 8:30 am, 112 received a call to notify of the accident in the camp located between the urban area of ​​Lepe and the port of El Terrón. Firefighters, Civil Guard, Local Police, Red Cross and health personnel were deployed, although there were no injuries.

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Immigrants rehoused in hostels

The Provincial Consortium of Firefighters of Huelva declared the fire extinguished around 11.00 am. A hectare and a half of land burned. The Lepe City Council plans to provide accommodation for the affected immigrants in hostels in the coastal town of Huelva, according to municipal sources.

It is not the first time seasonal workers living in the area suffered a catastrophe. In July 2020 another fire destroyed 70 shacks in an immigrant camp on the Camino del Corchuelo, in El Terrón.

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