Heat gives way to rain in parts of Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
heat to rain from Friday in Spain
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The week has started with abnormally high temperatures across the country. However, a weather change is predicted for next weekend when the heat may turn to rain. Many Spaniards will then be enjoying a long weekend in connection with the bank holiday on 12 October. 

The weather situation has not changed in Spain in recent days. Once again, some records were broken on the peninsula. The Canary Islands even experienced an extraordinary heatwave. Yet a change in the weather is imminent. All indications are that the long weekend will start with heat and end with a situation more in line with the dates we are in, with a general drop in temperatures and rain. Moreover, let us not forget that millions of Spaniards will be travelling during these days. 

First half of the week still warm 

Between today and Thursday, temperatures will remain above average, especially inland and in the northern half of the mainland. Also in the Canary Islands, values may still exceed 35ºC there. Then, in the following days, temperatures will drop slightly. However, nights will be cool inland, with minimum temperatures below 10ºC in some capital cities of Castilla y León and Teruel. 

Weather forecast for Thursday, a public holiday 

On Thursday 12 October, the day of El Pilar and Spain’s bank holidays, the weather will be stable across the country, with some low clouds and fog in the interior and eastern half of the country. The arrival of an Atlantic front will bring rain to Galicia at the end of the day. Temperatures will remain abnormally high across almost the whole territory. 

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Rain from Friday onwards  

On Friday, the front will leave locally persistent and somewhat heavy rain in Galicia. The rain will spread to Asturias, northern and western Castilla y León and the Cantabrian slope. Temperatures will rise in the east, the Balearics and the eastern half of the Canary Islands and fall in the rest, even noticeable in areas in the northwest. Although, along the Mediterranean and in Cantabria, the thermometer will read over 30 ºC. 

Precipitation will move from west to east and could be more intense on Sunday. Then, on Monday, rain may fall in more regions. 

Temperatures will drop across the board and better suit the season. In the longer term, the weather looks set to become more changeable and uncertain. 

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