Guardia Civil recruits officers through TikTok

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uardia Civil tik tok campaign

The Guardia Civil launches the #MuchasMás campaign on TikTok to encourage young women to apply for jobs. With the campaign, it joins the annual celebration of International Women’s Day on 8th March.

Through various videos on the popular social media platform, the police unit invites young women to join the Guardia Civil. At the moment there are 6,000 women working in the Guardia Civil. The aim is to increase that number. The women work in the various sections. Only four of them have the rank of lieutenant colonel, the highest rank so far achieved by a female officer. Of the next batch to leave the Guardia Civil’s police schools in Baeza and Valdemoro, 25% are women – a record number.


The name for the campaign, #MuchasMás, was deliberately chosen to show users, who are on average between 16 and 24 years old, “there are no restrictions or obstacles to being a Guardia Civil agent”. The videos feature officers from all the specialist services, including traffic, maritime, aviation, environment or criminalistics.

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Popular with young people

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks at the moment with follower numbers growing daily. This was an important reason for the Guardia Civil to create a profile. And with some success. In the six months since they became active on TikTok, they’ve gained 300,000 followers and three million likes.

What is striking is the loose tone of the videos. In order to reach young people, the Guardia Civil profile distances itself from its traditional serious image and shows a more casual side. Its videos and tips are well received. In the funny and youth-oriented videos, the agents share tips and recommendations.


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