Guardia Civil investigates man for abandoning eight puppies in Valladolid dumpster

by Lorraine Williamson
puppies in dumpster

VALLADOLID – The Guardia Civil is currently investigating a man from La Parrilla (Valladolid) for an alleged crime against animals after abandoning eight puppies in a dumpster.

The investigation, led by the Seprona unit, utilised DNA evidence to identify the genetic profile of the mother of the abandoned puppies. By cross-referencing this information with the animal registry, the authorities were able to identify the owner and the potential perpetrator.

Puppies abandoned in dumpster

On November 14, a local resident walking his dog on the outskirts of the municipality heard the animals crying. Upon opening the dumpster, he discovered eight newborn puppies in a plastic bag. Unfortunately, three of them were already lifeless. The concerned neighbour took the remaining five puppies to seek veterinary care. Despite efforts to save them, their fragile condition led to their untimely deaths.

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DNA traced to mother

A report was filed at the Guardia Civil station in Tudela de Duero. Thereafter, the Seprona team conducted several inquiries with the SIACYL database of the Agriculture and Livestock Department of the Directorate General of Agricultural Production. This database contains the animal registry, and through meticulous examination, the potential mothers matching the abandoned puppies were narrowed down.

Subsequent to this analysis, DNA tests were conducted on the potential mothers. This was to establish the maternal-filial relationship with the abandoned puppies, who also underwent DNA analysis. The obtained results led the Guardia Civil to implicate the owner of a dog whose genetic profile aligned with that of the abandoned animals. Consequently, they charged him with an alleged crime of animal cruelty.

The incident highlights the collaborative efforts of the Seprona unit and local authorities in pursuing justice for the abandoned puppies. Animal welfare remains a priority, and cases like these serve as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the consequences of neglecting our furry companions. Furthermore, the suspect will face legal proceedings as the investigation continues to unfold.


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