Fourth heatwave in Spain started

by Lorraine Williamson
fourth heatwave

MADRID – After several days of relative coolness for the time of year, residents of certain areas in Spain may be getting hot under the collar again. The fourth heatwave started on Tuesday and will certainly last until Monday with temperatures above 40ºC. 

This new phase of high temperatures will be milder than the one in July. However, several provinces have already been warned by the Spanish Meteorological Institute. Consequently, code orange or yellow is in place because of the heat. 

Andalucia one of the most affected by the fourth heatwave

As almost always during heatwaves in Spain, Andalucia in the south will be one of the most affected autonomous regions. Currently, a weather alert is already in place for the provinces of Córdoba and Jaén. Moreover, high temperatures could easily reach 39ºC in both provinces on Tuesday. 

More to the west, in Extremadura, it will already be 40 degrees or warmer in several cities, such as Mérida or Plasencia on Tuesday. In the Madrid region, maximum values ​​of 37 degrees Celsius are recorded on both Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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In the north, in the Galician city of Ourense, the thermometers will reach the same temperature as in the Spanish capital. Also in Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León, provinces such as Cuenca and Toledo or Ávila and Salamanca, residents can expect high temperatures with maximums of 37 and 38 degrees respectively. However, warnings have also been issued for rain on Wednesday in some points of the Castilla y León region. 

Heat and rain on the islands 

If we move to the islands, people in the Balearic and Canary Islands will also be sighing because of the scorching heat during these days. In Mallorca it will be warmer than 30 degrees, especially in Pollença and Manacor. However, there is a warning for high waves and strong winds. Furthermore, there is also a chance of rain on Tuesday. 

In the Canary Islands, the thermometers in Lanzarote, Tenerife and Las Palmas will indicate values ​​above 34 degrees Celsius for a large part of the day. 

According to AEMET’s forecast, it will certainly remain warmer than usual until next Monday. 

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