A box of Spanish tomatoes for €4,000?

by Lorraine Williamson
prize winning tomato

COÍN – Every year a tomato auction is held in the town of Coín in the province of Málaga. A farmer from the neighbouring town of Alhaurín el Grande won the first prize. He received no less than €4,000 for his box of tomatoes. 

This large amount was paid by Pepe Cobos of the famous restaurant Bodegas El Pimpi in Málaga. It was not just an auction but the auction of the Best ‘Huevo del Toro tomato’, according to experts a true delicacy. After a trial competition, interested parties were able to bid on them from various suppliers. 

All proceeds from the winning bid will be split between the local diabetes patients’ association and an aid organisation working for Ukraine. The jury has therefore chosen the tomatoes grown by Daniel García Plaza in Alhaurín el Grande (Málaga). He received the award from Margarita del Cid, First Vice-President of the Provincial Council of Malaga. 

Tenth edition of the famous auction 

It was already the tenth edition of the well-known auction for the ‘Best Huevo del Toro Tomato’, which is organised by the Provincial Council of Málaga and the Association of Producers of Huevo del Toro Tomatoes DDR Valle del Guadalhorce and the City Council of Coín. On the occasion of this tenth edition, this auction returned to its most emblematic location, the San Agustín Park in Coín. A large number of interested people gathered there. 

The second prize went to María del Carmen González Santos from Coin. The third prize went to Fuensanta González Santos, also from Coin. Manuel Tornay, President of the Gastronomic Academy of Malaga, received a special award on this occasion for his efforts to promote this variety. 

Before the auction, “which this year breaks the record of previous years”, Pepe Cobos of Bodegas el Pimpi expressed his thanks to the producers and farmers of the special tomatoes. After all, the farmers are “ultimately the ones who allow us to enjoy the products from this beautiful orchard that is in fact the Valley of the Guadalhorce and in particular the Huevo de Toro Tomato”. 

Why is the Huevo del Toro tomato so special? 

The Huevo de Toro tomato is a variety of that is very large, heart-shaped or flattened. The weight varies from 300 to 600 grams each. There are even Huevo del Toro tomatoes over a kilo. It is without a doubt very unique. 

This tomato variety has a quality mark that distinguishes it from other tomatoes. In addition to the usually large size of the tomato, the taste is also very special. The tomato has few seeds and a very fleshy heart and is valued for its creamy and soft texture. In the mouth it stands out for the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. 

Harvesting the Huevo del Toro tomato in the valley of Coín is usually done early in the morning. Because if you pick the tomato when it is already warm, the simple contact can already spoil the taste. The tomato is best picked when it is green and red in colour. Read more about this special tomato on Saboramalaga.es. 

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