Four Guardia Civil agents arrested in Mallorca

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guardia civil agents

MALLORCA – Agents of the Central Unit of the Interior from Madrid arrested four colleagues from the Guardia Civil in the Balearic Islands on Monday in Mallorca. Allegedly they spied on a woman when requested by her partner.

Justice suspects the detainees of belonging to a criminal organisation, discovering and disclosing secrets, and coercion. The vigilantes, along with a soldier and those in charge of a security company, would keep a close eye on a woman living in Marratxí at her partner’s request. The Guardia Civil in the Balearic Islands released the information in a short press statement.

Operation subject to secrecy

The operation is still ongoing and is subject to secrecy. Four Guardia Civil officers were arrested during the operation. Furthermore, the officers from Madrid arrested one soldier and two security guards. Due to total discretion, the Guardia Civil has not disclosed any details about the specific crimes that Justice attributes to the detainees.

Agents of the Central Unit of the Interior Affairs of the Guardia Civil in Madrid conducted the investigations. This weekend they travelled from Madrid to Mallorca. There they were soon able to arrest the four fellow officers. The arrested officers served in various units in the Balearic Islands.


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