Ficosa joins Air France-KLM sustainable aviation fuel programme

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Spanish company joins Air France-KLM's corporate sustainable aviation fuel programme

Ficosa, a global supplier to the automotive and mobility sectors, is the first Spanish company to join Air France-KLM’s  Sustainable Aviation Fuel programme. The SAF programme enables companies to play an active role in sustainable travel.

AirFrance-KLM’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Programme for corporate customers launched in 2021. Air France-KLM’s Managing Director for Spain and Portugal Boris Darceaux and Javier Pujol, CEO of Ficosa signed the agreement in March. It is the first agreement signed by the airline group in Spain. The first investment by Ficosa will take place in 2022.

Sustainability in DNA

“We are very proud to be the first company in Spain to be part of Air France-KLM’s corporate SAF programme, taking a step towards more sustainable air transport with the airline group. This agreement demonstrates Ficosa’s commitment to eco-friendly innovations, not only through the creation of energy-efficient and sustainable products and solutions, but also with a strategy that puts sustainability at the heart of our company, our culture, our activities and our daily processes,” said Javier Pujol.

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Milestone for AirFrance-KLM in Spain

According to Boris Darceaux, sustainable aviation fuel production is key to meeting the carbon reduction targets in the sector. “Air France-KLM is not alone in its commitment to more sustainable operations and companies like Ficosa prove it. This agreement is a milestone for Air France-KLM in Spain. It will help us reach our targets much faster, by encouraging the widespread availability of sustainable jet fuel and by making its price more competitive with fossil fuels.”

Sustainable aviation fuel

Through the SAF programme, Air France and KLM business customers can determine the annual contribution they want to make. They estimate the carbon emissions of their travel and contribute accordingly. Then Air France-KLM Group invests all contributions in the supply and use of sustainable jet fuel. This promotes a sustainable fuel industry which in turn will lead to increasingly environmentally friendly air travel. The use of SAF can emit up to 85% less CO₂ than fossil paraffin. However, it is still three times more expensive due to market scarcity and high production costs.

The company deliberately chose SAF as a name to clarify the fuel is sustainable. It is also made from raw materials that, for example, do not cause deforestation or displace food production.


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