Female reporter in Ukraine in difficult situation live on Spanish tv

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MADRID – Sol Macaluso, an Argentinian reporter, is in Ukraine. She has been covering the latest news about the war before Telecinco and other Spanish and Mexican media. On Monday she had a very hard time on live TV when she was interviewed by Patricia Pardo.

The reporter is on her way to the border to leave Ukraine and could hardly contain her emotions when she told how she experienced the past hours with her colleagues. She and her team must improvise in search of supplies, food, and places to stay overnight to continue their journey. “It’s particularly sensitive because we’re approaching the border. That means my cameraman’s family and my guide will go with us and they’ll stay behind,” Macaluso said, visibly emotional.

A minute by minute journey

Because the team must improvise to leave the country, their journey is “minute by minute”. “We are in contact with people at the border and they are informing us about the situation,” the reporter said. She assured her colleagues’ families will have to wait all day to cross the border. “Because they don’t have press accreditation, they will have to queue for at least 20 or 25 hours.” Macasulo could hardly hold back tears as she shared with viewers how hard the goodbyes will be, once they reach the border. “Our guide asked us very emotionally to take his daughter with us,” the reporter said.

“Madre mía, Sol!” (My goodness, Sol!), reacted presenter Patricia Pardo from the set in Madrid.  She then asked: “How do you run the day-to-day business and know if you’ll have shelter tonight?” “Our wonderful, brave boys are burdened with the pain and knowledge of being separated from their families,” Macaluso replied, her voice breaking.

‘No one is prepared’

Asked if she was prepared for everything she will experience these days, the journalist said: “No, nobody is prepared. I have known these people for more than a month. We have shared everything. It is very difficult that they have to stay to defend their country and have to leave their family in the process. Someone comes up to you and says to you ‘please, take my daughter and take care of her’. What are you going to say? There are no words for it,” Macaluso said clearly moved.

The presenter of the program then asked if Macaluso would take the girl. “Of course, she’s my family now, she’s like my sister,” the reporter said emphatically. She also explained that her guide has to go back to find his wife. They had to leave her behind 40 kilometres from Kiev in one of the houses where the team had spent the night. 

After this emotional account, the journalist broke off to continue on her way. She and her team had to look for a safe place to spend before they could continue their way to the border. She also reports on this dangerous journey on Twitter (@SolMacaluso).

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