Eight out of ten Spaniards are considering installing solar panels

by Lorraine Williamson
solar panels

MADRID – The installation of photovoltaic panels for domestic self-consumption is an option that many people consider, their main motivation is saving on electricity bills. 

This is apparent from the study ‘The perception of self-consumption in Spain’ prepared by Telling Insights for Ikea. In particular, 85% of those surveyed are considering installing it within a two or three-year period, of which 77% are for individual use. Furthermore, for 45%, the main reason is the saving on electricity bills. This is mentioned by 80%. Meanwhile, the positive impact on the environment is the second reason stated by 62%. 

Global sustainability strategy

As for the savings on the electricity bill, the expected average saving is 41%. Therefore, this means six out of ten respondents estimate this amount could be given to savings according to Ikea. The Swedish furniture giant recently launched a range of solar panels as part of its global sustainability strategy. 

The study also identifies the factors that prevent people from installing solar panels for their own use. Firstly, the installation cost and the amortisation period. This was cited by 56% of respondents as the main reason not to install them. Secondly, another reason mentioned is the lack of space to install them. This was the main reason for 16%. However, 81% cite a lack of information about technical aspects that make shopping easier for consumers. 

Mainly southern Spain and Madrid

Only two out of ten respondents have already installed self-consumption solutions and the vast majority of them are only for individual self-consumption. The zones with the highest penetration of solar panels for individual use are those in the south of Spain and in the metropolitan area of ​​Madrid. 

The aim of the survey is to know the consumer perception regarding this sector in Spain. Thousands of people were questioned for this purpose. In terms of the experts’ opinion, a panel of members from eight institutions specialising in solar energy and self-consumption has been set up in various positions. 

‘Spectacular growth’ 

The experts are quite optimistic as they have observed ‘spectacular growth’ in the past two years. However, they are still cautious because ‘Spain is still far from neighbouring countries’. Furthermore, they still refer to the level of interest in solar panels for their own use with the term ‘lukewarm’ . 

The data collected in the survey is consistent on many of the consumer-side issues identified as key barriers. One sees ‘a very superficial knowledge of self-consumption’ the ‘high initial investment and a long period before returns occur’. Added to this is the ‘complexity of the process of installing and using individual solar panels in homeowners associations. Also, there is the difficulty of comparing offers from suppliers because there is no quality standard’. 

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