Drug trafficking group busted in Extremadura

by Lorraine Williamson
drug trafficking group - screen grab from official Guardia Civil YouTube video

EXTREMADURA – The Guardia Civil has arrested 15 people and dismantled a drug trafficking group in Badajoz.

Operation Geminis 21 began in May when police learned of a possible drug trafficking group working in Fuente de Cantos. The group was thought to be trafficking narcotics. Consequently, a surveillance campaign was established. It was thought various “points of sale” had been established by the gang to receive, store, and sell the narcotics from.

Vehicle intercepted

However, last Monday afternoon, the Guardia Civil intercepted a vehicle. Inside were four people they identified as belonging to the gang. During a search of the vehicle, offers noticed strange behaviour, that made them suspect they may have been transporting drugs inside their bodies. They were taken to the Zafra Hospital where diagnostic tests were carried out. They later expelled over 100 grams of cocaine and 40 grams of heroin.

Trained police dogs

Following this, a task force of around 30 officers with trained police dogs searched the 8 homes. Inside these houses, a little more than half a kilo of marijuana buds, 63 grams of hashish, and another 35 grams of cocaine were found, in addition to 3 scales and utensils for dispensing and selling the drug, a simulated firearm, mobile phones, and eight vehicles used by the group as well as €15,600 in cash.

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

Consequently, eight drug outlets have now been shut down in the Badajoz municipalities of Fuente de Cantos and Valencia del Ventoso. Allegedly customers came from the region and the province of Seville to buy from this gang.


Of the 15 arrested, 7 are already behind bars, 4 have been released on bail and the remaining 4 have been released pending charges. They have been charged with crimes against public health, belonging to a criminal organisation receiving, storing, and selling drugs.

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