Costa Press Club meeting on ‘adapting’ in times of covid-19

by Lorraine Williamson
Costa Press Club

The September meeting of the Costa Press Club, which had a theme of “Adapting” was held on Tuesday at the Hotel Ilunion Mijas (formerly Hacienda Puerta del Sol). The hotel has undergone a transformation and offered members an ideal outdoor space for both the talk and the dinner.  

In keeping with the theme, Lucas Barreta, the hotel director, gave a talk about the concept of the Ilunion brand.  It is a business branch of the ONCE charity in Spain, and part of its social enterprise work. The company prioritises functional diversity, inclusion and adaptability for guests and employees as part of its mission.  

This explanation was followed by the main speaker of the evening, Stine Mynster, the Director of Communications of Denmark-based Sprout World, who detailed some of the challenges faced by her multinational team during the pandemic, and showed how the company had been able to continue promoting and selling its sustainable and recyclable products despite the difficulties.  

This led to a debate during which members commented on their own experiences of remote working and how they adapted. 

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Furthermore, an excellent meal finished the evening in style, with everyone clearly pleased to be meeting again face to face! 

The next Club meeting will continue with the theme of “Adapting”.  

The club, based on the Costa del Sol, provides a social meeting place and forum for resident and visiting journalists. Membership is open to anyone working in a content-generating role in the press, media, or communications industry. More information at Costa Press Club 

Photo: Jesper Sander-Pederson, President of the Costa Press Club, Stine Mynster, Lucas Baretta  and Neil Hesketh, Second Vice President of the Costa Press Club 

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