British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives in Marbella for holiday

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Boris Johnson heads to Marbella. Image: No 10 on under

The British public are divided over Boris Johnson’s holiday to Marbella. Some say he deserves a break after a difficult 18 months both publically and privately. His critics, meanwhile, say he’s abandoning the country in the middle of a fuel crisis. Either way he has chosen Marbella for his getaway.

The private beach clubs and exclusive villas make Marbella the perfect retreat for the affluent and world leaders.

Previous British PMs have also holidayed here . David Cameron and Tony Blair both stayed with their families at the Costa del Sol’s hotspot.

Marbella - destination for Boris Johnson holiday

Marbella’s Old Town

But Mr Johnson’s holiday is likely to be seized on by critics, who will point out that he has left the country in the middle of a fuel crisis. Whilst he is sunning himself, UK families face a predicted ‘winter of discontent’, surging energy prices and stock shortages.

However, his allies will argue that his last proper break was in early January last year. Since then he has been seriously ill with Covid, lost his mother, divorced, become a father, remarried and prepared to welcome another child, all while dealing with the UK’s gravest crisis since the Second World War.

Cogesa Expats

Utterly exhausted

It was reported yesterday that Boris Johnson was ‘utterly exhausted’ by the events of recent months.

Johnson’s holidays recently have not been a success. His summer staycation in the West Country was cut short by the Afghanistan crisis after just a day. That followed an equally disastrous break to the Scottish Highlands last year, where he pitched a tent on a windswept shoreline next to a holiday cottage. 

The trip was cut short for security reasons after his location was exposed by a national newspaper. 

Boris Johnson also came close to ‘catastrophe’ when he was swept out to sea while attempting to paddle-board during the trip. 

Perhaps he’ll have better luck in Spain and enjoy a day trip from Marbella or two.


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