Seven spectacular day trips from Marbella and Estepona

by Lorraine Williamson
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MARBELLA – If you’re on holiday in the popular resorts of Marbella or Estepona on the Costa del Sol and want something other than lying on the beach, Salutlabs, provider of on-site corona tests, has seven spectacular day trips for you. 

These day trips are all a maximum of one and a half hours drive from both Marbella and Estepona. Both the Mediterranean Sea itself and the varied interior behind it offer countless opportunities for experiencing special experiences. For some of these trips, you need a little more courage than the others, and fear of heights is not a handy ailment in this case. Fortunately, the locations of these seven fun things to do near the Costa del Sol also offer other forms of entertainment for those left behind.

Longest zip line in Andalucia

The recently opened Sunview Adventure Park is located in Alhaurín de la Torre (an hour’s drive from Marbella and Estepona). Here you will find the longest zipline in Andalucia at 1350 metres with a gradient of 10%. The distance can be covered sitting or standing and on the steepest part, a speed of up to 100 kilometres can be reached. Those who don’t dare can go horseback riding or lounge on the beautiful terrace with a panoramic view. 

Hot Air Balloon ride Ronda 

Ronda is without doubt one of the most charming and picturesque towns in Andalusia and all of Spain. The scenery is also spectacular and therefore provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable hot air balloon flight. Your exact route is determined by the wind direction and the combination of the steel-blue skies above the beautiful Andalucian landscapes that pass you in silence, give you an ultimate feeling of freedom. After landing you get a delicious picnic.

Day in Morocco

You have to get up early for this, but it’s worth it. From Marbella and Estepona you can be on another continent in a completely different world within two hours. Experience the atmospheric North African port city of Tangier where you enjoy an extensive Moroccan lunch. You will visit the historic medina, possibly the caves of Hercules and Cape Espartel. The crossing from Tarifa to Tangier alone is worth the effort and with a little luck, some whales or dolphins may cross your path.

Whale Watching Tarifa

Speaking of these fascinating sea creatures: In Tarifa (a 45 minute to an hour drive from the western part of the Costa del Sol) several companies offer boat excursions to spot dolphins and whales. There is a lot of life in the Strait of Gibraltar due to the strong currents and that means a lot of food for these most imaginative sea creatures. The chance that you will see them is very high with experienced captains and guides. If you are lucky you will also encounter orcas or even a fin whale. Besides that, it is very special to be able to admire both the African and Andalusian coasts from the water on a clear day. The best season for whale watching is from April to October.

The Rock of Gibraltar

“Are you going to see monkeys?” is often the response when you say you are going to Gibraltar (reachable within an hour from Puerto Banús). And yes, monkeys can certainly be seen and felt when one unexpectedly jumps on your head. But there are also fascinating military testimonies of turbulent history, a beautiful cave, and breathtaking views. Not only that: also red double-decker buses, red telephone boxes and real Bobby’s under a steel blue sky in summer temperatures. As Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory, you will need your passport. Allow a whole day for this trip, park your car on the Spanish side, walk across the border. This prevents long waiting times.

Bungee Jumping

The only place where you can go bungee jumping near Marbella and Estepona is in La Ventanilla (Ronda). Here you jump from a bridge over a dry river bed. If you dare to jump higher, you have to travel further. For example to Aznacollár in the province of Seville. Here you jump from greater heights (18 to 27 metres) above a deep lake and you can also jump together. If you are warm, you can jump straight into the water. Or you can rent a kayak after your jump to explore the area further and let your adrenaline level drop a bit. 

Caminito del Rey 

After a complete makeover in 2015 to guarantee the safety of visitors, the ‘Path of the King’ has become the most famous attraction in the interior of the province of Málaga. In the municipality of Ardales (1.5 hours drive from Marbella) there are beautiful reservoirs that are connected by a gorge. A narrow footpath runs here at 100 meters altitude. A wobbly suspension bridge and a glass viewing platform complete the challenge. People with a fear of heights can enjoy themselves in the area in beautifully situated restaurants or on ‘normal’ walking routes. 

Testing for corona on the Costa del Sol 

day trips suggested by Salutlabs

Where can you find a reliable testing company if you are not familiar with your holiday environment? The company Salutlabs has found a solution for this and made testing for corona in Marbella and Estepona very simple. You don’t have to go anywhere, but a courier from the company will deliver a do-it-yourself test kit to your home, hotel, or apartment and even your yacht if you are anchored in one of the ports of Marbella or Estepona.

The test package contains a non-invasive PCR saliva test or an antigen test. After testing – you are ready within 15 minutes – the driver will take the kit back. Within 24 hours you will receive the result with an official travel certificate by e-mail.

Visit the Salutlabs website for more information. 

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