Spanish Prime Minister announces €100 million for mental health plan

by Lorraine Williamson
mental health
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MADRID – Today Pedro Sanchez announced an action plan for Mental Health #SaludMental. €100 million will be made available for this which will include a 24-hour telephone line for suicide prevention and support.

This has been much in demand especially in recent times. However, was only available in certain areas and by organisations such as Esperanza. Currently, thousands of people are leading their lives and taking tranquilizers, antidepressants, and sleeping pills every day. Instead, the underlying issues should be addressed. There are also many more that do not talk of these issues due to potential stigma.

Action plan

However, part of the government´s Action Plan is to address this. At the “Mental Health and Covid-19” event, Sanchez said “We have to make them visible and react to them. Our responsibility is to act.

The event was held in Moncloa to mark World Mental Health Day, which takes place tomorrow, Sunday, October 10.


Sánchez advised that among the young population alone, there are seven million people who have suffered or continue to suffer from some form of mental health issues. The situation has been made worse due to the impact the pandemic has had on the population.

Covid-19 pandemic

The Lancet magazine conducted a study which says, “Before 2020, mental disorders were leading causes of the global health-related burden, with depressive and anxiety disorders being leading contributors. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has created an environment where many determinants of poor mental wellbeing are exacerbated.”

In conclusion, the Lancet stated, “This pandemic has created an increased urgency to strengthen mental health systems in most countries. Mitigation strategies could incorporate ways to promote mental wellbeing and target determinants of poor mental health and interventions to treat those with a mental disorder. Taking no action to address the burden of major depressive disorder and anxiety disorders should not be an option.”

On the part of the Spanish government, the Action Plan is set out from 2021-24 and will include quality and specialised health care at all levels, from child psychiatry, adolescence, elderly, disabled, and other vulnerable groups. The Plan will also involve raising awareness and fighting against stigmatisation

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