Body missing cyclist found after amateur race in Córdoba

by Lorraine Williamson
cyclist died

CORDOBA – A cyclist who was participating in an amateur race event in Lucena (Córdoba) has been found dead. A relative of the deceased alerted officials that he had not reached the finish line.

As reported to Efe, the notification of the cyclist´s non-arrival of the cyclist to the finish line was received at the emergency coordinating centre just before 3.00 pm on Sunday. Following this the Civil Guard, National Police, Local Police, and the health services of the Junta de Andalucía were activated.

Fellow cyclists were asked to recall the last time they had seen the missing man. And as such the search began in the opposite direction of the 50km route (the XXVI Ruta MTB Ciudad de Lucena). The body of the cyclist was found dead near the municipal cemetery. This is approximately two kilometres from the finish line.

The body was found in the vicinity of the San Jorge cemetery, on the CO-6018 highway. This forms part of the area through which the event ran.

An investigation has begun to clarify the circumstances of the death. However, firstly an autopsy will be carried out on the corpse at the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Córdoba. This is where it was transferred its removal was ordered by the Lucena guard judge.

In principle, two hypotheses are being considered. Firstly, that the death occurred due to natural causes. Or secondly, due to an accident. However, other possible causes are not ruled out.

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