Beware! Spanish police warn of fine fraud via SMS

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fine fraud

The National Police has issued a warning through their social media channels, including platforms like TikTok, targeting millions of users worldwide. The warning concerns a phishing scam that could result in the loss of large sums of money within minutes.

This deception, known as the fine fraud, involves scammers posing as the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) to obtain personal and banking information from victims.

Details of the fraud

The fraud begins with a seemingly innocuous SMS message urging the recipient to pay a fine of a variable amount. The message contains several features that should raise suspicion, such as a non-official sender, spelling errors, and pressure to pay immediately under threat of increasing the fine.

How to identify the fraud

The National Police points out several key indicators to identify this type of fraud. Firstly, the DGT never notifies fines via email or SMS. Additionally, the urgency to make the payment should raise doubts, regardless of the pretext used.

Recommended actions

If there are suspicions of fraud, it is crucial not to make any payments. If in doubt, direct contact can be made with the DGT to verify the authenticity of the fine. It is important to remember that the DGT only communicates sanctions via mail or the Dirección Electrónica Vial (DEV), so any communication via other channels should be treated with caution.


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Collaboration and prevention are essential to combat this type of fraud. By staying informed and vigilant, we can prevent ourselves from falling victim to scams like the one described above. The National Police urges the public to share this information to help protect other users from potential deceit.

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