BBVA scam – clients targeted

by Lorraine Williamson
BBVA scam

MADRID – It seems there is no company the scammers do not touch. This time the scam target is clients of BBVA bank.

Policia Nacional has made us aware via Twitter of the most recent scam.

Digital banking

You may receive a text message seemingly from the BBVA. The message advises that for your security, access to your digital banking account has been blocked. Furthermore, it will then provide a link asking you to click and unblock your account to access it immediately. The link does contain the letters BBVA, however, it is a scam.

BBVA confirms scam

In response to the Tweet, BBVA replied, “Cybercriminals are impersonating companies using fraudulent SMS of alleged account anomalies, access attempts, refund of amounts, etc. with a clickable link.

Cogesa Expats

BBVA will never send you SMS with links, nor will we ask you for passwords or personal data.

As always, never click on any link that may be suspicious. And, if in doubt, contact the company directly for confirmation.  The police work hard to keep us advised of these scams and cybercrimes. Therefore, should you receive anything that looks like a scam, pass the information on to the police.

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