Attention! Spain increases number of speed checks on Spanish roads

by Lorraine Williamson
speed checks

MADRID – As part of the Directorate General of Transport’s (DGT) ongoing commitment to road safety, the number of speed traps on Spanish roads will be increased. 

This national action against speeding offences aims to reduce the number of accidents due to excessive speed and to make roads safer for all users. DGT has announced that it will introduce stricter controls on April 27. The date was chosen because it coincides with European Speed Control Day, an initiative that encourages participating countries to enforce speed limits more strictly in an effort to save lives. 

During this operation, the DGT will deploy additional resources, including mobile radars and helicopters, to monitor the speed of vehicles across the country. The increased supervision will also involve local and regional police forces that work together with the DGT. 

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Speeding remains one of the leading causes of road accidents in Spain. The DGT states that around 300 lives could be saved each year if drivers adhere to the established limits. The decision to step up traps is based on data suggesting that stricter enforcement of speed limits could lead to significant reductions in crashes and fatalities. 

Other initiatives for better road safety 

In addition to the increased speed controls, the DGT has been working on several other initiatives to improve road safety in Spain. These include the implementation of tougher penalties for traffic violations, the promotion of road safety education, and the ongoing maintenance and improvement of road infrastructure. 

Spanish drivers are urged to be aware of the heightened surveillance on April 27 and to ensure they drive within legal speed limits. The DGT reminds motorists that the ultimate goal of this initiative is to save lives and make Spain’s roads safer for everyone. 

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