All you need to know about insurance for expats in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
insurance for Expats

MADRID – The moment you move to another country, you want to avoid risks at all costs, just like at home. You can protect yourself against most risks with good insurance. But each country has different rules and obligations regarding insurance. So, what insurance do you need if you are an expat in Spain?  

Before you make the move to Spain, it is important to know which insurance policies you need there. Moving to another country means filling out many forms and communicating with different authorities, often in a different language. An insurance broker such as Cogesa Expats can therefore, assist you in this situation. This saves you time, prevents problems and – perhaps most importantly – saves you money. 

The most common insurance policies for English-speaking expats in Spain 

The following three insurance policies are particularly relevant for expats living in Spain: 

  • Car insurance (for cars, but also for mopeds, scooters, motorbikes or boats, if necessary) 
  • Health insurance, (also for foreign students in Spain) that can be extended with dental insurance 
  • Home insurance, (also for your holiday home) to protect against burglary and loss of household effects due to natural disasters. 

Car insurance 

Nearly two-thirds of Cogesa’s foreign clients in Spain use their car insurance services. Even people who have lived in Spain for years request quotes from Cogesa to compare and see if they can make monthly savings or get better conditions. Consequently, if you are also looking for a better deal, do not hesitate to contact Cogesa. 

Health insurance 

Health insurance is the second most chosen insurance policy. Around 30% of Cogesa’s customers are interested in the costs of tailor-made health insurance, depending on their situation, family composition and age. Public health cuts in Spain during the financial crisis and its decline during and after the coronavirus pandemic have increased demand for private health insurance. This is also the case even among people already covered for treatment through the public health system. 

They often opt for private health insurance to avoid long waiting times for operations or other treatments, for better service in private care, or for the possibility of a second opinion in their own language or in English. Furthermore, in many cases, you can add dental insurance to your health insurance policy, so that expensive dental treatments are also covered. This is not the case in the public Spanish healthcare system. 

Home Insurance 

The third insurance that expats in Spain often choose is home insurance. About 20% of all expats assisted by Cogesa are looking for ways to protect their homes. Although Spain is not a dangerous country, the number of burglaries is unfortunately steadily increasing. Therefore, many English-speaking expats take out home contents insurance to protect their belongings. 

Cogesa Expats

Moreover, in Spain there is a risk of natural disasters, as was recently seen with flooding on the Spanish east coast, the Balearic Islands and in Málaga due to severe storms during the so-called ‘gota-fria’ torrential rains. According to meteorologists, this risk will only increase with climate change. 

An insurance policy that meets your needs 

Are you planning to move to Spain, do you already live there and have specific insurance needs, or do you want to see if you can save on the premiums you currently pay? Do not hesitate to contact Nick van der Vlag of Cogesa Expats by e-mail or telephone. He can help you find an insurance policy that perfectly suits your needs and provide you with a no-obligation quotation for the best insurance offers for expats in Spain. 

Enjoy Spain with a safe and assured feeling 

Whether it’s about your health, your belongings or your home, once you feel safe and secure, you can really enjoy the Mediterranean life in Spain! Cogesa works with the best national and international insurance companies, including Aegon, AIG, Allianz, ARAG, ASISA, AXA, Caser, DKV, Sanitas, Mapfre, Generali, Liberty, Reale and Zurich. This allows Cogesa to offer competitive prices so you can find cheap insurance without compromising your safety and security. 

The Cogesa Expats team will guide you through the conditions, benefits and different premiums of various types of insurance. This makes the process easier to get the right insurance solutions in your own language. 

Find your insurance in Spain  

Are you about to move to Spain, do you already live there, and do you have specific insurance needs, or do you want to see if you can cut the insurance premium you pay currently? If you are planning a move from the UK, remember there are now different requirements regarding health care. Cogesa Expats can help! Contact Cogesa Expats for a non-binding quote for the best insurance offers for expats in Spain.


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