All Spanish regions reach initial vaccination target

by Lorraine Williamson
herd immunity with increase in vaccination target

MADRID – All Spanish regions have met the original vaccination target of 70% of the population. However, during the vaccination campaign, 90% proved necessary to achieve herd immunityWhere is Spain now and when can this goal be achieved? 

On the last day of August, the 70% fully vaccinated people in Spain were achieved. Prime Minister Sanchez thus narrowly fulfilled his promise to fully vaccinate 33 million Spaniards before the end of the summer. At the time of writing, 37,632,058 people (79.3%) have received at least one shot and 36,501,799 people (76.9%) have already been fully vaccinated. 

Which Spanish region achieved vaccination target first? 

The pace of vaccination still differs in Spain. Asturias was the first region in Spain to reach a vaccination coverage of 70% of its inhabitants in mid-August. Currently, this region is still ahead of all other Spanish regions with 84.1% of residents currently fully vaccinated. At the time of writing, all Spanish regions have reached the 70% target, although the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta (67.9% fully vaccinated) and Melilla (61.3% fully vaccinated) still lag behind in this regard. 

Vaccination rate in Spain is slowing down considerably 

Since the start of vaccination in Spain, almost 70 million doses of one of the corona vaccines have been administered in Spain. This was reported by the Spanish Ministry of Health on Tuesday evening. Vaccination in Spain has slowed considerably in recent weeks. Just over half a million shots were taken in the past week, the lowest number since early March 2021. 

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When can Spain reach 90% fully vaccinated population? 

The Spanish government is now focusing on people who have not yet been able or unwilling to vaccinate. Calculators from the news site RTVE have calculated that with the current slowed vaccination rate, the goal of 90% of Spaniards being fully vaccinated by January 2022 can be achieved. 

What are the vaccination rates by age in Spain? 

Vaccinating teenagers in Spain has been one of the main goals set by the Spanish government recently. Not only because this group was the last to receive the green light to be vaccinated, but also because schools have started again in Spain a few weeks ago. Currently, three in four Hispanic teenagers between the ages of 12 and 19 are fully vaccinated. 

A special highlight is that recently 100% of the over-80s in Spain have been fully vaccinated. 98.8% of Spaniards between the ages of 70 and 79 have received a full dose of one of the vaccines. For Spaniards between the ages of 60 and 69, that percentage is 97.1%; 93.5% of those in their fifties, 86% of those in their forties, 73.8% of those in their thirties, and 73.3% of those in their twenties have been fully vaccinated as of today. 

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