Aldi Spain expands to the Canary Islands

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – From July 13, people in the Canary Islands can do their shopping at Aldi. The German supermarket chain will open 10 stores across Spain this summer, bringing the total number of branches in the country to 376. 

The company announced this in a statement. Of the 4 new branches in the Canarian archipelago, 2 are in Tenerife and 2 are in Gran Canaria. However, on August, 3 more stores in Tenerife will be added. 

In mainland Spain, the German company opens 2 new stores in Andalucia: in Guadix (Granada) and Almería. The company is also expanding its presence in the Valencian Community with its first branch in Oropesa del Mar 

Cogesa Expats

6,000 employees in Spain 

The new openings are part of the company’s growth plan. This foresees the opening of nearly 50 new supermarkets across the country by the end of the year. With the 376 supermarkets that will be in total after the 10 new stores open this summer, Aldi will have about 6,000 employees in Spain. 

A business model based on discounts 

Aldi is one of the most important supermarket chains in Spain, with a business model based on discounts. The chain entered the Spanish market in 2002 and focuses its activity on offering high-quality products at the best price. The company obtains it by purchasing from the best local, state, and international suppliers. And also through its brands, such as El Mercado, El Horno, Special, La Tabla, Esselt, Milsani, GutBio, Biocura, and Mildeen, among others. 

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