Again mud rain coming in Spain?

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mud rain

MADRID – The first week of spring brings abundant rainfall to Spain. Especially for the Valencia region, there are weather warnings for heavy rain showers. expects a real deluge in the area. And again mud rain.

The rain will continue across the country but is less likely in the far north of the peninsula. The reason for this is twofold. On one side, an Atlantic storm is approaching the southwest of the peninsula. And on the other hand, an easterly wind is currently blowing across the Mediterranean, bringing a lot of moisture and intense rains.

Some areas in the Valencia region can expect more than 200 litres of rain per square metre. The weather warnings are still yellow for amounts of 60 millimetres of precipitation in 12 hours and more than 180 millimetres in 12 hours.

It will also rain a lot in the southeast and south of Spain. The same applies to the central system on the plateau. Showers will last at least until Friday, after which a calmer picture will follow.

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Mud rain or ‘calima’ returns to Spain

The wind is another factor to consider. The storm’s position over the southwest of the peninsula could lead to a new mass of Saharan sand. The southerly wind brings warm and dusty air from the interior of North Africa to the entire Iberian Peninsula and to a lesser extent to the Balearic Islands. In combination with the expected precipitation, Mar Gómez from concludes mud rain will again fall in Spain.

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In terms of temperature, no surprises are to be expected in the coming days. They generally stay the same. Only on Wednesday in Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura will it be a bit colder. However, this will be restored on Thursday.


In view of the weekend, temperatures will rise to 22ºC in Seville, 19ºC in Cáceres, 18ºC in Zaragoza, or 15ºC in Burgos and Madrid.

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