Valencia bans speakers and loud music on beaches

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VALENCIA – The municipality of Valencia wants to end acoustic pollution or noise nuisance on its beaches. With the adoption of a regulation, it is soon to forbid bathers to carry loud music speakers with them to the beach. 

It concerns new municipal regulations against noise pollution in Valencia. The city council will approve the text of the new ordinance against noise pollution next Friday. This is an update of the standard that has been in force since 2008. The use by bathers of loud music speakers, among other things, on the beaches of the city is prohibited. One of the chapters is specifically devoted to these public spaces by the sea.

The normative document also contains important novelties in the field of activities on the beaches. Between different activities without music should be a minimum distance of 30 metres. Furthermore, activities that do have music should leave 65 metres in between.

Live music

Establishments for performing arts and socio-cultural halls can organise live music between 10.00 am and 10.00 pm, provided the organisers comply with all acoustic regulations.

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Pubs and cafes can host musical performances and cultural activities, as long as the background music does not exceed the acoustic limits.

Nuisance from terraces

With regard to the municipal public domain, Valencia considers a new scheme for the control of terraces. A sanction for violating those rules could be a shortening of the opening hours. Furthermore, enforcers even can withdraw terrace permits if the proprietor repeatedly makes it illegal.

In addition, the responsibility for the nuisance shifts to the owner of the terrace. The town hall regulates the general public domain for the first time. This means that enforcers can also give sanctions for noise pollution in private areas with terraces, such as courtyards and patios.

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